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About Gamestar Mechanic

Published by E-Line Media

Gamestar Mechanic is an award-winning game and community where you can make and share your own video games. Go on epic quests and earn powerful sprites. Use the tools you earn to design your very own games. Play tens of thousands of games created by users like you. Share your games with your friends. Level up from player to designer!

Perspective in Game Design

Gamestar has been used by over 2 million players around the world to learn the fundamentals of game-making and to make web-based games that have been played tens of millions of times.

Gamestar Mechanic Editor

The game and creation system work entirely within your web browser without any special hardware or software to install.

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Learning Resources

Gamestar includes a robust learning quest that you can follow along with to learn the principles of game design and the built-in game creation system.

The game is designed to foster critical 21st century skills such as systems thinking, problem solving, creativity, collaboration, design thinking and laying the foundations for computational thinking and programming

Resources for Educators and Parents
2020 Code Games Challenge Are you between the ages of 10-18 and interested in making video games? Enter the 2020 Code Games Challenge and access resources, like Gamestar Mechanic, that will help you make your game. /images/resources-gamestar-300x173.png